Enlarge Your Breasts Naturally with Microverve or Triactol Serum

There is no shortage of products which are available in the market to increase the bust size of a woman. However breast enhancement serums; especially Microverve and Triactol are more popular than the most of their counterparts. Let us look closely at both these products which claim enhanced breast size.
Most of the women who have small breasts or lost original bust shape after pregnancy are usually looking for the ways that help them to achieve bigger, fuller and firmer breasts. Among few options available, surgery is the most expensive and risky method to enhance your physical assets. Hence women look for natural products like herbal pills, massage oils or creams which can help them achieve desired results without any side effects. Among the serum category, the Microverve vs Triactol debate has created a lot of buzz in the market recently because both use same ingredient and claim similar results.

Which natural breast enlarger serum would you choose?

Microverve beauty serum and Triactol bust serum are both considered to be naturally effective products for the women who are looking for bust augmentation. These creams are clinically tested and considered safe to use without undergoing any type of surgery. They do not contain any harmful chemicals or ingredients which may cause any potential damage to the body. In fact they claim to enhance the breast size without leaving any scars or any type of pain. No wonder that both these serums are gaining popularity as natural breast activators among the women.

In order to give fuller and firmer breasts to women, Microverve uses same ingredient as Triactol. It is called Mirofirm, which is a trademarked ingredient. This particular ingredient uses extract from Pueraria Mirifica, which is a traditional herb used in Thailand for medicinal purpose. This ingredient not only augments the bust size but has several other health benefits like relief from PMS and menstrual symptoms along anti-wrinkle properties.  Apart from the Mirofirm, there are several other useful ingredients used in Microverve serum to ensure that there is a holistic improvement in the size, shape and texture of the breasts.

Microverve breast serum is dermatologically tested. It clinically proven that it does not contain any artificial or harmful components. The herbal and quality ingredients used in Microverve do not have potential side effects to the woman’s body or her overall health, making it a very safe cream to use.  Women are often afraid of the scars or marks that may be created after a breast operation or use of any bust activator product. But there is no such fear with Microverve.  Also, there is no risk such as rupturing of silicone which otherwise can be quite dangerous for the body.

It is very easy to use Microverve cream. All you need to do is apply the two to three drops of the serum on your breasts and gently massage in slow circular motion. It is recommended to use this serum twice a day and strictly follow the directions on the package. It does not have any particular odor and is easily absorbed by the skin around your breasts. Both Microverve beauty cream and Triactol bust serum are inexpensive and conveniently available in the market. However, you must consult your health practitioner before you put any breast enhancement serums to use.