Do Breast Implants Pose Serious Health Risks?

I recently read a news article in which "experts" tried to argue there were no serious long term health risks to silicon breast implants - despite the fact that a very high percentage of implants will start to leak within the first decade.

Now, I am not a hater when it comes to implants, but I honestly have a hard time believing that there would be little to no side effects if an implant ruptured behind the breast tissue or worse, behind the breasts pectoral muscle.

In other words, there is a law of cause and effect that operates in every aspect of this universe. In the case of breast implants it is no different. If they rupture, something is bound to happen - and whatever that is, it can't be good!

For example: It seems that everything we eat these days can cause cancer - or so we're told. Heck, every time I darken toast to my liking, someone tells me "you do know you can get cancer from that, right?"

I doubt it has ever been proven to cause cancer. Why is everyone buying in to it though?

There certainly are limits to everything, even when it comes to consuming things, and some things we eat right out have absolutely no health benefits and do our body more harm then good. This is true, and I am not going to argue with against that. It's "a true fact" as George W. Bush would say.

How much more do you think this would be the case then if a non-eatable silicone matter (something the body can not naturally break down) started mixing in with our God given body tissue?

A little common sense tells me that this can not do any good at all!

And yet we have "experts" expecting us to believe that ruptured silicone implants have no serious long term effect on our health? Who paid them to do the research, the implant makers?

That is about as far as I will go with my rant. Truth be told, there are serious risks to getting breast implants. No question about it - and I think we can all agree on that.

Whether they rupture or not does not really matter. Stuffing a piece of silicon behind each of your breasts simply is not a good idea - any 3 year old with a little common sense could tell you this.

Which is exactly why I keep recommending MiroVerve as a healthy and natural breast enhancement alternative. No need to spend thousands of dollars to put our health at risk. At least not for something a natural breast enhancement product can handle just fine.

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