PIP Breast Implant Scandal vs. MiroVerve

I have been critical of the whole cosmetic surgery industry for years now, simply because of all the questionable stuff happening in it, but it appears nobody was holding them (the practitioners and the product developers) accountable for any of it. Until now that is!

Bruce Keogh, the medical director of the National Health Service in Brittain, announced that they will be investigating all cosmetic practices in the UK and raise the bar for a lot of them. This was mainly due to the PIP scandal but also due to the fact that a lot of patience never do proper research before getting a cosmetic procedure done.

It was said that for the majority of the patients, cost was a huge determining factor. Only for half of the patients was the qualification of the surgeons a concern.

That is waiting for disaster to happen!

Bruce Keogh also said that most women never took the potential consequences of cosmetic surgery seriously. Meaning a lot of women suffered major negative side-effects after the operation that they were never warned might happen.

Fact remains: once you get off the operating table, there is absolutely nothing you can do should things go terribly wrong. Once you signed the agreement to get the procedure done, you accept all risk and responsibility.

This raises the question: If cost is really the main deciding factor, why not go for a cheaper and natural alternative like MiroVerve or Triactol? They both have a proven track record and are far safer and far more affordable then a cosmetic implant surgery could ever be.

Just for the record, MiroVerve and Triactol are the exact same product. The difference is that MiroVerve is sold only in the USA, while Triactol is sold worldwide.

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You only have two breasts and one lifetime to enjoy them. I'd hate for you to get them butchered up beyond repair when there are safer (yet cheaper) ways to get exactly what you want.